About Host

I am your host, Trucker Rob!


I am an experienced truck driver with over 8 years of professional driving under my belt so far. I am currently a driver, mentor and certified driver trainer at my employer. With these titles comes: training new drivers, developing training material for drivers, participating in regional hiring events, testing new software before it is released to the fleet and lots of other fun things. I have hauled tanker, refrigerated and dry van (a traditional semi trailer). I have done local, full 48 state OTR (Over The Road) driving and regional driving.


I am married and am very fortunate to have a wife that is able to endure the life of a trucker spouse, which is much more difficult than most people understand and she has been by my side since my first year of driving. It is hard to explain just how much she does for me to accommodate my profession of choice. She is stuck with all the laundry, yard work, cleaning, meal preps all my meals while on the road, makes sure I don’t miss important dates, handles all the shopping and so so much more. We have a rescue dog that is living out his best (and extremely spoiled) life after having a very rough start.


This podcast has been a passion project of mine that has been a long time in the making. Finding time while full time driving to commit to this has been difficult to say the least. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. While a great trait for truck driving, it is not so good for trying to launch a podcast. This podcast idea started almost 2 years ago! Early on, I decided the sound when recording in my office wasn’t good enough. This lead to me researching how to build sound panels. After using entirely too much vacation time, spending entirely too much money and taking an excessive amount of trips to the hardware store – I managed to turn my office into what I believe is a decent sound recording environment. I also invested in decent audio equipment.


I was very close to launching this, but then the pandemic hit. This of course derailed my launch plans significantly. I had the opposite problem of many, I suddenly was too busy and taking on more and more obligations at work than ever before. I cannot and will not complain about that, but this podcast has been buzzing away at the back of my mind the entire time.


I am tremendously excited to finally be at the point where this is close to launching and am hopeful all the effort put into making this happen shines through for you, the listener.